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American Museum of Magic

American Museum of Magic

Coordinates: 42.2722°N 84.9585°W
American Museum of Magic
American Museum of Magic is located in Michigan

Location of American Museum of Magic
Established 1978-04-01
Location Marshall, Michigan
The American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan, houses a large collection of magical paraphernalia and illusions, including an extensive collection of devices that once belonged to famed magician Harry Blackstone, Sr., (1885–1965).

[edit] Museum collection

The American Museum of Magic is the largest magic museum in the United States open to the public.[1] The collection is extensive, and includes both famous and obscure magicians (for example, it has artifacts from Clare Cummings, who was 'Milky The Twin Pines Magic Clown' and who donated most of his magic tricks to this museum).[2] The museum celebrates the art of magic and the devotion of magicians to their craft.[3] Founded on April 1, 1978, the museum celebrated its 30th anniversary.[4]
As the Michigan Historical marker on the site notes: this "unique collection . . . celebrates the magician's arts of wonder and delight. Michigan's link to magic is no illusion for nearby Colon, Michigan, a center of magic manufacturing," and Harry Blackstone's home. Registered Site L1240 Erected 1985. Indeed, the town and Mr. Blackstone are noted in another historical marker in Colon.[5]

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